Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wishing for Fall

Today is about the seven millionth day that it's been over 100 degrees here.  I mean, really, we haven't had temperatures below 30 degrees the entire time we have lived here.  I know, I know...we live in south Texas, it's not supposed to be cold.  But I MISS it, terribly.  I miss the smell of fall - you know that, "there's a football game today" smell.  The feel of leaves crunching under your feet.  Having to wear hoodies and jeans.  That chill in the air that makes you want a pumpkin spice latte (or pumpkin custard from Snowbear).  Apple orchards with apple cider, apple pie, apple everything.  Real pumpkin patches...not fake ones with wood pallets holding pumpkins for you to pick out (while it's still 800,000 degrees outside in October).  Bonfires in the back yard.  The smell of bonfires in the back yard.  Having a need for a fireplace in your house (besides storing your daughter's toys on the hearth).  The first SNOW of the year.  Sigh.

Today I was especially missing "up north" so Evelyn and I did some fall crafts.  We may or may not have been listening to Christmas music as well. :-)
Getting ready to paint - a blank canvas!
 Our first project was a tree where her hand prints made the leaves
 Then we had a free for all paint!
 And...messy time!
It's days like this that make me really sad to have to go to work.  And it's colors like these that make me miss fall like crazy.  Can we get a real cold front here?  Let's get into the teens!

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  1. I am totally with you. Even though the weather here is gorgeous year-round, there are no true seasons and I always start longing for the crispness of fall right about now. Oddly enough, Sept-Nov are the warmest months here? And could little E possibly get any cuter? She is such a doll.