Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Reading Girl

We have always read to Evelyn, but lately she has been really taking to it - reading to herself, choosing books to play with, getting excited when you pull a book out to read to her.  I love this because I, myself, am a reader.  I would love to read my days away if I could!  Dan, not so much.  So we are thankful that she got this gene from me! :-)  Lately, this Easter book has been one of her favorites, and she always opens it to the page of Jesus with the little children.  Warms my heart...I want her to know Him so deeply, and pray she always has this child-like approach to seeing Him!
 Dan got a couple of videos of her reading to herself

Every night before bed, we give Evelyn a bath, a massage, read a book, and pray before bedtime.
Dan captured this tonight.
Don't worry about looking at my awesome hair and pajamas. :-)

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