Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paisley's Birthday Party

Evelyn's little friend, Paisley, had her first birthday party this weekend.  They are about 3 months apart in age - both walking and full of spunk.  The two of them are known as the "dynamic duo" in the church nursery (although, now that their friend Hannah is in there regularly - we may need a "trio" name).  

While we were eating, we had Evelyn set up at the kids table to eat her dinner.  There were two older girls from our church sitting there as well, and as Evelyn sat down one of them said, "She's pretty."  To which the other replied, "Yeah, she's kind of beautiful."  It was precious.

As with any South Texas special occasion, there was a pinata.  Evelyn got to take her turn after the birthday girl.  
She wasn't sure what to do at first, but was laughing after Daddy helped her hit it.

 She definitely wasn't sure what to do with the sprawled out candy.

 Starting to get the hang of it
I had to post this picture because I think she looks like our nephew, Gunnar, in it.  Gunnar is pretty much a little version of my Dad, so I guess it's Wisdom that you see in her (which means ornery). 
 Here's Gunnar at around the same age as Evelyn...
 She made friends with this lady because she would hold her and let her practice jumping

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