Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Outside Toys

We have been wanting to get Evelyn a water table for a while.  We needed to go to Toys 'R Us to get a birthday gift for a party, so we decided to take a look at those as well.  Evelyn loved playing with all of the toys in the store (we were "those" parents).
She loved this Dora guitar - she was dancing and clapping (of course, we didn't catch the funniest of it on video!)
After Toys 'R Us we had to run to WalMart to get her little vegetable packs.  She wanted to help Mommy.

 Evelyn helped Daddy put her new water/sand table together!
 Then we had to play with it!

 She wanted IN the water part...

 You knew this was coming after the soaking diaper...
The downside is I think she may have a grass allergy.  Every time she has been in grass the last couple of months or so, she comes out with red dots all over her legs.  They look almost like mini-mosquito bites, but they aren't.  Poor girl!  Fortunately, they don't seem to bother her much!

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