Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Days Home with Mommy

We are entering into our last couple of weeks before I go back to work full time (boo!).  It makes me sad because she is at such a fun age - I hate that I'm not going to be home with her for 4 days a week now.  We don't watch TV often, but this day I let her watch some Pocoyo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because I wasn't feeling well.  She stood like this for about 5 minutes - every once in a while, she would walk around in a circle and grab a drink of water - but for the most part, she just stood and watched. 
She still doesn't show a lot of interest for long periods of time in TV, which is fine with me!  We really try to limit our TV time to 20-30 minutes in the late afternoon, where we can watch with her and make things more educational. 

I've said before that she is all about imitating behaviors lately.  Besides purses, her favorite thing to do is put on our shoes and try to walk.  Here, her plan of attack was to put both feet in Daddy's shoes.  It did not work well for her, but it was cute.
She also loves corn - especially off the cob right now.  This will keep her entertained for a good 10-15 minutes while Dan and I finish eating as well, so that's always helpful!  And who doesn't love a cutie eating corn?!
I'm going to be so sad to go back to work in a couple of weeks...you'll probably hear me say that a few times between now and then. :-(

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