Friday, February 28, 2014

February Sisters

Sisters shots from February...
Photo shoot after church on Sunday...

Here, sister, do you want some grass?

Watching Veggie Tales at church before the service
Playing at the mall
Outside fun!
Lillian has a lot to say...and is dancing to the music in her mind
Evelyn insisted on getting up on the changing table with Lillian before bath time
 Lillian has graduated to the front-view in the jogging stroller
(and missed her nap this day...can you tell?)
(Evelyn was pretending to read...)
 Keeping a sucker away from sister

February Random Pictures

What?  Do I have something on my face?
Sometimes you just need to take a squat...naked.
Seriously, these boots. 
Evelyn set up her animals like this one morning.  I asked her what they were doing and she told me, "Eating their lunch!" :-)
Lillian taking in Story Time
Evelyn doing a craft at Story Time
...thankful for a nanny who sends me pictures like these all the time!...
She's got places to go!
...her teacher, Ms. Dodee, sent me this one day...too much!
Reading with Daddy
Getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist
She liked wearing the shades
My little chef helper
Went to see the Frozen sing-a-long - of course, she loved it!
All smiles after dinner!
She insists on wearing her bike helmet any time she is outside!
Seriously...the cuteness.
Daddy comes up with the fun games
 (He told her to hold her head up the slide before this - this was how she responded!  I was cracking up!)
Holding a sea urchin with "Steefinn" 
(Stephen is Amber's husband and had Monday off for President's Day - he joined the girls with Amber at the aquarium)
My baby girl is growing up too fast!!  First, those legs - I'm not used to long legs!  And that outfit - it's the first time she's worn it...and clearly we are ready to move up to 12 months clothes!
She was completely distressed that she got paint on her diaper
We regularly find Evelyn sleeping in crazy positions like this...
I am a part of a team of faculty/staff at work who are "walking across Texas" as a competition.  It's an initiative out of our Health & Wellness department to get faculty/staff more active.  As Health & Kinesiology faculty, we kind of feel like we better be winning this.  I took this video and sent it to my boss (our team captain) to ask if it would be cheating to put my pedometer on Evelyn at night. :-)
Head - meet Stephen's knee... helmet any time we are outside.
Driving with Daddy
My french toast helper
This is one of Lillian's favorite toys
Sweet LillyBelle!
Our resident tattoo artist
Watching sister paint
 Evelyn's new favorite thing to do
Dan's brother, Mike, coaches high school girls basketball.  His team was playing in the Indiana state Regional Finals game on Saturday night.  The opposing team had a webstream of the game, so we were able to watch it.  I hooked the computer up to the TV so we could see it bigger, even though it was a little fuzzy.  We told Evelyn that Micah was going to be on TV (we had no idea that Micah was actually at home).  She stood here looking for him for a good 20 minutes - it was awesome.
Just a princess having some pudding
Painting a lizard! cream!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Introducing the Wii

Dan wanted to introduce Evelyn to the Wii tonight, so we dusted it off (seriously, I don't think we have used it since she was born!).  I thought it was cute that she associated a lot of the movements with "exercising" and kept asking me if I wanted to exercise.  She's clearly watched Mommy do some exercises!
Her favorite was the boxing tonight
 Lillian was trying to figure out what they were doing
Pardon her snotty nose...both girls have been battling colds this week and she's in the worst of it right now.  Poor baby can barely breathe - but she's still as smiley as ever.  Sweet girl.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Pen Down

We made it through the first four weeks of Evelyn's growth hormone therapy!  I'll post some stats comparing her growth after the first of the month (I'm making myself wait until the first of the month each month to compare).
Showing us her calendar with her stickers for each night she did a poke
We took her pen and took the needle out of a cartridge, then superglued on the lid so that she could have a pen to give pokes to her babies - or to Daddy.  I thought it was cute that she wanted her doctor's coat on to do it. :-)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Not So Fast, Sweet Girl

This little one is starting to try to get those knees underneath her...

Ahhh...too fast!!!  I'm not ready for this!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturdays at the Park

Most Saturdays, especially while it's nice, we take a run to the park that is about a mile from our house.  Dan and I get a workout in, and the girls get some play time in.  It's become even more fun now that Lillian can do some things!
Enjoying the swings
Daddy and his girls
Evelyn loves this slide!
Ha - the boots and sunglasses are killing me!
Lillian taking a turn on the slide!
And a turn with Daddy
Mommy swinging with her girls
 And some videos...