Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Sisters

"Lilly's wants to wear my hat."
Just hanging out in a turtle
Warm and cozy
Mommy had to work late, so Daddy took his girls to dinner
"Let me push Lilly!"
It was fun for about 40 seconds...
Just watching sister swing
My favorite...watching them laugh together
They just look ornery!
Amber said she was trying to contain entertain them!

April Random Pictures

Evelyn doing a craft at Story Time
Lillian figured out that there's a window above her in the jogging stroller
Sometimes you just gotta take off your pants and play in the sand
Sleepy girl
They finally let me eat a cracker!!!
She was "skating" on the play dough containers
Visiting Kai and Shadow at the aquarium
She found a dime on the floor at Rudy's, and was trying to put it in her pocket
(wrong pocket, sweetheart!)
Class picture day at school
(can't believe those pants are finally the capris they are supposed to be!)
Evelyn's newest game..."the basketball game"
I'm a little bit messy
Night-night, sweet Lilly!
For the First Time in Forever...
We usually get more paint on ourselves than on the paper...
She loves climbing into little spaces
Poor, sweet, baby girl...not feeling well
This is how Lilly insists on sleeping...with a blanket over her face (or face down with her face smashed in the bed)
She came up with this all on her own...
We had a night at the Hooks game with my work people, and Evelyn loved playing with Lindsey and Zoe.  They played with this ball for a good 20 minutes, until Evelyn threw it over the wall onto the field!
Watching the fireworks after the Hooks game
Sweet Lillers!
Found Elsa's gloves in my work back one day
Big girl wanted to wear her "pack-pack" after school this day
(it used to knock her over when she wore it!)
Snuggling to sleep...
She told me she was working in her office
A little help here...
Lilly emphatically tells us she's "all done"
What, guys?
Eating some lunch
Hooray for swimming!
This one loves to splash!
Daddy teaching Evelyn to say, "boom baby!" when the Pacers score
My first pony tail
Just playing some piano
I'm thinking about crawling...but this is as close as I get.  I'm cool just rolling around.
Silly face with Amber!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spoon Fishers

We had some flies in the house tonight, shoo-flies as Evelyn calls them.  I taught her to say "shoo, fly!" when they come around, so now she calls them shoo-flies.  Dan had a fly swatter out for a bit taking them down, and about 20 minutes later Evelyn started asking where the spoon fisher was.  We could not figure out what she was asking for, until she kept pointing at the pantry (where we keep the fly swatter - hanging on a hook).  Dan was the genius who figured out that a spoon fisher is a fly swatter.
She wanted to be naked that night - so we let her.  She and Dan had to run next door to our neighbor's house to return a bowl from a dinner they brought us a while back.  She insisted on just going in her underwear, and her new rain boots.  OK, kid - but I'm taking pictures to show your friends when you are 16.
She loves to look at the stars, so when they got back to our driveway, she laid down to see if they were out (because you have to lay down, Mommy, to see the stars!).  This kid cracks me up.
A laugh and a spanking every day. :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beach Baptisms

On Sunday, our church had a cookout on the beach along with baptisms on the beach.  Well, the baptisms were in the ocean, but you get the idea.  There was a ton of seaweed today, it was crazy.  But it didn't stop Evelyn from having fun.  She is the funniest kid - she makes up her own games, then gets Dan to play along.  It cracks me up.  Tonight it was grabbing sand, then waiting for the waves saying, "Move on back - move on back".  Then when the wave came, she would throw the sand.  It was hilarious.  You can sort of see it in the video was crazy windy, so about all you can hear is wind.

Lilly hanging out in the boba.
Like I said, it was super windy.  It reminded us of when our friends, Jay & Em, came down to visit shortly after we moved here (geez, Charlotte was just a baby - that's crazy!).  Imagine sitting in a hurricane of sand and you get close to the picture.  It's no fun for littles - particularly 2 year old littles whose eyes are right in the line of sand fire.  She had a blast when we were in the water, but as soon as we got up on shore, it was 2 minutes to meltdown.  So we didn't make it to the cookout portion of the night, but were glad to be there for what we could! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dan Birthday

Some other pictures from Dan's birthday weekend...
Evelyn wanted to make Daddy a birthday cake, so we did.
Such a good helper!
We went to dinner at Frank's - a spaghetti house here in Corpus that is really good.  It was prom night, so as we were finishing up there was a group of high school kids who came in for dinner.  When they walked in, Evelyn was so excited.  She said, "Their princesses - they're so pretty!"  Dan asked her if she wanted to go see the princesses (he figured every high school girl needs to know they are beautiful!), and of course she said yes.  As soon as they started walking over there, she was all star struck and shy.  It mad the girls night, though.  You can see them taking pictures with her.  It was adorable.
Fortunately, Dan didn't look like too much of a creeper because Lillian and I were right there. :-)

When we got home, we sang happy birthday to him and ate Evelyn's birthday cake.  We also had yummy homemade ice cream.  Dan's gift from us was an attachment to my kitchen stand mixer that freezes ice of his favorites. 
I really love this picture!