Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Sisters Pictures

Tickle tickle (Lilly's finally getting on the offensive side of things)
Trying to do my Beth Moore study...they are helping
Reading with Daddy
Evelyn figured out how to climb into Lilly's crib with the lowered mattress
Apparently Daddy's shirt doubles as a blanket when you are cold
Playing with their dollhouse together
 Sunday night entertainment...watching the popcorn pop!
 Evelyn trying to help Lillian work on her climbing

July Random Pictures

Sometimes you just need to wear your rain boots and use your umbrella in your pjs
This one is a fan of Mommy's water bottle
Looking for decorations for Lillian's birthday party
I think this was her first experience with mannequins
She loved the dog
Learning how to say, "Touchdown Broncos!"
This morning's fun was dragging all of the shoes out of the shoe bins and covering ourselves up with them
Cute little crawler
I can't believe how much she looks like Dan in this picture!
Hanging with Daddy
Just another bedtime in the Gaines house
Playing dress up
I love Sid.
Little munchkin...big belly
Someone's tired
Evelyn at dance
Just playing with some magnets
"This is my bed" (aka, Dan's winter clothes that he hasn't used in 7 years...sad.)
Sometimes it's fun to sit in a laundry basket
"I can wash my hands myself" (naked, apparently, is the best way to handle this)
Someone figured out how to get up on the stairs...
Visiting Daddy at his office
Hi, Mom - I'm in here (and broke the cabinet, apparently)
Marching in her new boots
 Lillian showing us some dance moves
(Evelyn had just been showing us how she is a ballerina)

Little jumper
 Sweet LillyBelle
I came around the corner to meet her as she woke up one morning, and saw this...
"Hi Mom.  Because it's too bright in my room"
 Seriously, this kid can eat.  This particular night at Olive Garden, she ate 2 vegetable packs, a string cheese, and some diced turkey...then polished off a breadstick and half of Evelyn's spaghetti.
 Singing songs and dancing at Storytime
 And we've mastered the stairs

Pulling up on everything now!
 Racing down the slide
 Evelyn's new game for outside...swinging on the crossbar.  She told Dan, "this is tricky!"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day at Camp

Amber (our nanny) helps to direct a number of kids camps at a church camp that is near Corpus - it's why we lose her for a few weeks every summer!  She invited Evelyn to spend a day with her at camp this week.  Lillian had her well-check appointment scheduled for the same day, so I decided it was a great idea! 
The night before, I told her she was going to go to camp with Amber and we packed her bag!
We met Amber about halfway between Zephyr (camp) and our house.  From there Lilly and I went to run errands and Amber and Evelyn headed to camp. 
She had lunch with the kids in the dining hall
And found Steve (Amber's husband, who was one of the sponsors with the kids from their church)
She got to ride with Amber on the golf cart everywhere 
(which, I hear, was one of her favorite things!)
She got to play on the inflatables
(Amber said others were worried about Evelyn doing this on her own - then she owned this - that's our girl!)
Amber recruited one of their youth to follow Evelyn and video through the inflatable obstacle course
She got to play basketball in the gym!
And swim in the pool
And get her hair done by the girls
And color in the office while Amber worked...I hear there was some Frozen watching for a little while as well!
After Lillian's appointment, she and I drove up to Zephyr to pick Evelyn up.
This happened about 2.67 seconds after we left...a tired little girl after a busy day at camp (with no nap!)
We got into town about 30 minutes after normal dinner time, so I ran through McDonalds to cap off the fun-filled day. 
Little Miss Sass
She was still so tired, she kept resting on her hand while she ate!
She had such a fun time!  Amber, thanks for inviting her up there - I know it's a memory that she will cherish with you!  We're so thankful for the Kingdom work you are doing at Zephyr (but we're glad to have you back with us, too!) :-)