Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Random Pictures

Some random pictures from November!
Who dressed this kid?  (post-halloween costume public)
I like baths...
...and naps!
Working at her "desk"
Look at those chubbers!
Evelyn's new game...

Waiting for some sushi!
Too cool for school!
Garage Sale fun!
 Hanging out with Daddy!
I like sitting up in my bumbo!
Wearing Daddy's shirt
Sitting with some help from the boppy pillow
Hey guys!
Daddy and Lillian hanging on a lazy Saturday morning
Evelyn has entered into the "I want to be naked" far it's only at home
Someone has figured out how to blow raspberries!

And sometimes wants to hold her bottle on her own.
Introducing Evelyn to my favorite Christmas movie - White Christmas!
Evelyn after her Thanksgiving party at school
Our happy, smiley baby!
Evelyn has enjoyed the cooler weather we've been having - she likes wearing her coat and hat.  
Hopefully she'll still enjoy it in Colorado in a few weeks!
And cute winter clothes she gets to wear like twice a year...
"My tummys hurts"...
She can finally reach the button at the library!
Milk!  For the win!!!
Watching some Sofia the First
We took Evelyn to see the movie, Frozen, the day after Thanksgiving.  She LOVED it.

I Love Lillian!

One of the favorite parts of my day is watching these three play together...especially as Lillian grows and can join in on the fun!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Since we took the trip to Columbia for my interview, and had plans to travel to Indiana for a wedding in January, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year.  We definitely missed seeing everyone there, but enjoyed a low-key day at home with our little family of four!
Lillian and Daddy gearing up for nap #1
Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Happy 1st Thanksgiving, Lillian!
I actually made these for Evelyn's class earlier in the week...pretty proud of my skills! :-)
Since we were home with just the four of us, I decided to make a yummy Thanksgiving meal so we didn't miss out on the yummy food!  This was my little helper!
Lillian's reaction to the parade
My schedule to get everything done! 
(the fact that I made this will not surprise most of you...)
Our thanksgiving feast! 
(minus the pies...the delicious pies...)
Sisters ready to eat!
Dan and Lillian settling in for nap #2
Evelyn and I opted for the bed...ahhhhh - post Thanksgiving meal naps!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Cookies

Thinking that life may be pretty crazy leading into Christmas if we are moving, we opted to make some Thanksgiving cookies this year!
Evelyn helped to roll out the dough and cut the shapes!

Then we took a break for some hot chocolate!

Frosting time!
And sprinkles, of course!