Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lazy Saturday

We had a pretty lazy Saturday here today...and it was needed! 
The girls spent the morning wrestling with Daddy...

This kid and her cheeseball smiles...

Completing some renovations on the doll house

We headed out to Kingsville in the late afternoon to take in the Javelina game.  We haven't been to a game in a couple years (pretty much not since Dan hasn't had to be there), so we figured it was time - and that the girls would enjoy it.
Lillian LOVED Porky (the Javelina mascot) - Evelyn liked him too, but not up close :-)
And these pictures are pretty much the best thing that happened during the game...we aren't so good this year. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Carnival Fun

We went to a fall carnival at a local school tonight.  Our church is having a 3-day outreach/seminar starting tonight through Sunday, and one of the single moms who we have come to know was needing someone to watch her son last minute.  We offered to take him with us to the carnival so that she could be at the church for tonight's session.  Isaac is one of Evelyn's buddies at church, so she was excited pretty much from the minute I told her he was coming to our house.
Our crew as we headed into the carnival
First ride - a really fun (sense the sarcasm) one that pretty much spun around in circles for 5 minutes.  But the kids loved it! :-)
Up next was a pirate ship/swing ride.  Lillian and I watched this one decided this was a good time to dump a bottle of chocolate milk all over herself.  The pictures were hard to catch because I just had my phone, but I love Evelyn's expressions.
 Waiting to ride the train
We made it about 50 yards and it started smoking and died...oops
The carnival's version of Disney's tea cups - Evelyn loved this one, especially when I would whip it around!

The train ride - part 2 - the best group shot we could get!
And our last ride - the carousel
Yes...Lilly is pretty much naked/in a diaper - the chocolate milk incident was a doozy, and I didn't bring any extra clothes.  We got to be "those people"...

It was a fun night!  It's the second year now, though, that I didn't get a sno cone at this fall carnival (one of the reasons I want to go!).  It's a little funny to think I grew up trying to figure out how to navigate that year's costume both with and without a winter coat, because you never knew if it was going to be snowy or not.  And now here I am wanting a sno cone...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ready to Run

Someone finally decided it was time to we go!


OK, I'm finally getting around to catching up!  Go back to August 1st to get the (sort of) latest on the Gaines crew!

(You're welcome, Nicole and Emily....I know you two are reading!)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rockin' K Maze

Corpus is moving up in the world.  We now have a corn maze/fall fun place, so we decided to head up to try it out.  It was actually really nice, and well put together.  They had quite a few activities outside of the corn maze - most of them made from various types of farm equipment - a little train, a spider web/trampoline, slides, a "hamster wheel," chickens and goats, hay bales and a "pumpkin patch" (we really don't have real pumpkin patches here...).  Here are some pictures of the fun!
Little miss who insists on walking everywhere, but won't do it on her own yet!
Checking out the chickens
And the goats
Trying out the "horses"
Doing some roping
Climbing on the spider web
Heading to the slides
This may have been one of my less brilliant decisions in life
Dan made me put this one in...this thing is way harder than it looks!
And now for the corn maze!
It was so hot...if it would have actually been fall-type weather it would have been a really great time!  It still was...but by the time we got to the corn maze, it was 95* - so walking through corn with no breeze was not incredibly fun.  We tried to let Evelyn lead, but by the end - it was time to get us out of there! :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I. Can't. Even.

This is one of those posts that I probably shouldn't daughter is going to kill me when she is running for President and these surface.  But she is completely obsessed with all things related to "the girls."  I swear I do not encourage this, and I always redirect her when she starts talking about them...and then I go in the other room and laugh.  Although, taking pictures and videos probably isn't helping any.
She always digs my bras out of our laundry basket while I'm getting ready in the morning
Apparently this happened Amber recreated it so Dan and I could see it

And just because it fits with the general theme of this post...
Beware of backsplash...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fire Safety Day at PreSchool

This week is apparently fire safety week, so they had fire safety day at preschool.  Evelyn absolutely loved it.  Her teacher sent me these pictures (thankful for teachers who let us glimpse into their days while we are away!).
Sitting in the fire truck
Getting to spray the fire hose!
(I don't know what is going on with her hair...she pulls headbands down like this every time she wears one...)

Grandad, she's asking to wear your fire hat and if you will take her on a fire truck ride at Christmas...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Staircase Games

I could seriously watch this video every day for the rest of my life, multiple times, and still giggle. 
This is Lillian's favorite game to play with Dan.  And she screams like this, then laughs hysterically every single time.  She'll climb onto the stairs and look at him/say "roar" and just beg him to start playing.  It's really cute. 

You watched it more than once, didn't you? ;-)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Reading Girl

We had our family pictures today and they were right before dinner time, so we opted to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.  We hardly ever get there because it's not close to our house, but it was close to where we did pictures.  They have a cute little porch, so we let the girls play for a while (despite the 100* and mosquitoes everywhere).
When we got home, Evelyn wanted to read her Bible.  I was watching Facebook to see if our photographer was posting some sneak peeks yet, and was able to catch most of this without her seeing me...
And here's your sneak peek into our photo session...