Saturday, August 16, 2008

The First Few Weeks

I know...I's terrible of me to leave you hanging with 'Dan has 2 interviews' - then not taking the time to update you on how they went!  Here's the latest on each of those prospects:

Texas A&M-Kingsville (my school) over the last month or so has posted for two positions in their Athletic department, one for a sports information director, and one for a marketing position working mostly with the Javelina club.  The first interview that Dan went on there was formally for the SID position, and informally for the marketing one (as the marketing one hadn't been posted yet).  Dan definitely felt like he was more qualified for the marketing one, so he wasn't too distraught when the SID position was filled.  The Athletic Director at Kingsville was not able to be at his first interview, so Dan scheduled a meeting with him to talk more about the department and the marketing position - this was essentially another informal interview with just the AD for the marketing position.  They have since posted and have clearance to being interviewing for that position - so we hope to hear that he is a finalist there within the next couple of weeks.  They will be looking to hire a track coach first, but I believe are wanting everyone in place before the first football game (September 13th).  So please be praying that he will be called in for a formal interview for this position, and that the AD will move quickly!

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi (boo!) is hiring for an Athletic Director for external advancement - a position quite similar to the TAMUK marketing position.  Dan interviewed for that position the week after we arrived here and felt that it went well.  The hold up here is that the day after Dan interviewed, the Athletic Director was fired over allegations of NCAA violations...needless to say, they are going through some changes - but Dan is still in the mix for that position.

Bank of America in Corpus Christi is hiring for a financial advisor position...he's not real sure! :-)  This is definitely a 'back up' kind of job for him - but a job nonetheless!  He will be interviewing for this position on Monday (August 18th).

In the meantime - he has been doing a lot of writing, and enjoying some restful weeks before he's back to work!  He has been quite helpful around the house now that I am at work during the days.  It's a bit of a role-reversal for us after he's been working while I was in school since we've been married.  I think one of the highlights was his lawn mowing experience shortly after Dolly came through.  The mosquitos were insane - so in 100 degree weather he was out with 2 long sleeve shirts, pants, and snow gloves to ward off the mosquitos...unfortunately I was at work and don't have a picture to share with all of you!  Speaking of work - I absolutely LOVE my new job!  Every day I feel like this job was created just for me!  I am learning that things down here move much more slowly than at Purdue - but I'm learning to like it!  I still do not have internet access, and we start orientations on Monday - classes on Thursday.  I guess you can't get unreasonable requests from students when you don't have an email address to give them! :-)

My Mom was here to visit for 5 days at the beginning of August.  We so enjoyed having her here - not just for the extra hands in removing wallpaper and painting!  We saw an amazing Michael W. Smith concert, went to the beach, and she got her own taste of hurricane troubles as Edouard was roaring through Houston as she was trying to get back to Denver through Houston.  We're looking forward to seeing all of my family when we travel out for a Broncos game in October!

Perhaps the most exciting development over the past few weeks is that we have found a church home here!  We actually saw it when we were out here in May looking for a house - and thought it was a warehouse of some sort, but upon closer look realized it was a church.  We looked at their website before we moved ( and were praying about if that was where God would want us.  We have to admit, we were a little bit skeptical because it's a very large church - but after attending the first weekend we were here - we were confident we were where God wanted us.  Pastor Bil is a student of the Word - and preaches the Word shamelessly.  It is a church grounded in prayer who is reaching many lost souls for the Kingdom - it's very exciting.  Praise God that we so effortlessly found His place for us here!  We attended a small group from the church last night, and are considering hosting one of our own.  You can be praying that we will discern His will in that situation!

Time after time over these past few weeks, we have been amazed at God's financial provision for us during this time that Dan is looking for work.  We just praise Him for being El Shaddai, our provider and thank you all for your prayers during this time!  We are excited to see what God will do during these next few weeks as He unfolds His plan for Dan's employment.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support!!

Now...back to the Olympics....