Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's a...

We had our 20-week anatomy ultrasound today.  Everything looks good, including my placenta.  At 12 weeks (which is still really early) my doctor started watching it because it was low-lying.  Thankfully it has risen like it is supposed to, so no placenta previa!  Praise God!

We also found out that we are having another girl!  She wasn't fully cooperating, but the ultrasound tech said she was fairly certain with what she could see.  None of us saw anything bulging out in the right places, so we're pretty confident!

These pictures are how we told our friends/family...along with some of the ones we didn't use to tell the news!
I have no idea what you are doing Mom and Dad, but these little things are fun to play with!

 And eat!

She looks sad here, but she really just put a jellybean in her mouth...
 I'm going to have a sister!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gosh, She's Cute!

Some random pictures over the past few weeks...
One morning, little miss naked just wanted to wear socks, pulled up to her knees.
 I got Dan and Evelyn an adjustable height basketball goal for Valentine's Day...Evelyn is patiently waiting for Daddy to get it put together so she can shoot!
 Watching Sofia the First, her favorite show.  We don't let her watch a lot of TV, so when she gets to, she pretty much assumes this position and doesn't move!
 We have unofficially started potty training.  She has started taking off her clothes/diaper when she poops - so we've started trying to catch her before to let her get used to being on the potty.  I think we have a few weeks/months before we'll full on tackle this, though!
 Evelyn loves to wait for Daddy to get home from work and go "drive" with him.   She knows about what time he gets home, and she'll sit by the door saying, "drive" over an over.
 She also loves helping Daddy unload the dishwasher.
 They make a good team!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Dripping Ceiling

On Tuesday morning, I was dutifully doing my civic duty by serving jury duty when our nanny texted to tell me our downstairs ceiling was leaking.  Lovely.  Not what you want to hear when there is supposed to be a few stormy days coming.  Fortunately Dan called our handy man (a guy from our church) to come take a look.  Apparently we had a leaking pipe underneath our upstairs toilet that was dripping through the downstairs ceiling.
The new hole in our ceiling
 There's a bucket in that box...the box was to keep Evelyn out of the bucket!
 We had to shove all of our furniture over to the side of the living room to keep it from getting leaked on/destroyed while they were cutting, fixing, texturing, and painting the ceiling.
 The hole in our downstairs ceiling turned into a hole behind our toilet as they were troubleshooting...
 This was the point that I decided we were going to re-paint the upstairs bathroom once we knew if #2 was a boy or girl!
 And another hole in our guest bedroom's probably going to be a few weeks before I put this all back (and it will probably help get ready for the baby, as well!)
Oh, and did I mention that I have walking pneumonia and a sinus infection in the midst of this?  Fun times.

Monday, February 11, 2013

(Old) Wives Tales, Part 2

We still have a couple of weeks before we will find out the baby's sex, but in the spirit of treating #2 like we treated Evelyn, here's what the (old) wives tales are saying

1.  HEARTBEAT OF THE BABY - if it's over 140 it's supposed to be a girl, if it's under 140 it's supposed to be a boy.  Baby Gaines was about 150 at 16 weeks.
Verdict: GIRL

2.  CRAVINGS - if Mommy craves sweet and creamy it's supposed to be a girl, if it's sour and salty it's supposed to be a boy.  Mommy currently craves cheesecake and sugary cereals.
Verdict:  GIRL

3.  CHINESE BIRTH CALENDAR - uses Mommy's age at conception and date of conception to determine gender. (click here)
Verdict:  BOY

4.  RING TEST - loop your wedding ring around one of Mommy's hairs and hang it over Mommy's belly.  If the ring circles, it's a boy.  If the ring sways back and forth in a line, it's a girl.
Verdict:  GIRL 

5.  MAYAN CALENDAR - uses Mommy's age at conception and year of conception to determine gender.  If both are odd or both are even, it's supposed to be a girl. If it's one of each, it's supposed to be a boy.  Mommy was 34 in 2012.
Verdict:  GIRL

6.  MORNING SICKNESS - if Mommy is super sick, it's a girl.  If she's not, it's a boy.
Verdict:  GIRL

7.  SLEEPING PREFERENCE - if Mommy prefers to sleep on her left side, it's a boy.  If her right side, it's a girl.  Mommy likes to sleep on her right side (and her back, but that's frowned upon).
Verdict:  GIRL

8.  FRIEND EMILY TEST - if one of your best friends has an intuition, go with it.  We had to call these (old) wives tales, because Emily is NOT old! :-)  She's also 1-0 in predicting the gender of our kids.
Verdict:  GIRL

We'll be sure to let you all know what we find out!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Little Singer

Over the past 3-4 weeks, Evelyn has started singing to herself.  I love it, I mean LOVE it!  I always wanted kids who loved music, so hearing this is seriously one of my favorite things ever.  She has several songs that they sing during story time at the library that are always on her list of ones for us to sing, and we'll catch her singing parts of them (or requesting that we sing them so she can do the actions).  Tonight I caught her singing after dinner and got a video of her.  After the second "yay," you'll hear her rendition of "Jesus loves me" (listen for 'Bible so...').
Our other favorite thing is hearing her say, "I love you."  I'll get a video of that soon, too!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boing Boing Bounce!

Wee took Evelyn to Boing Boing Bounce, one of those indoor bounce house places.  She's been a few times before and really liked it, but now that she is getting older (*tear*) and bigger (*more tears*) she has started running around and wanting to do a lot of it herself.  Daddy got quite a workout from climbing up the slide stairs with her.  Not being able to climb and bounce much with my growing belly, I decided to take the nice camera and get some pictures.  I'm so glad I did!
Towards the beginning of the hour we were there - she still wanted Daddy's help
 She loves the big open space jump, too!
 And these balls...who wouldn't like to bounce around a ball that's as big as you are?
 I love this one because it shows the pure joy she was experiencing - she'd always come up at the bottom with a huge smile on her face.
Safe at the bottom!
 By the end, she was coming around the corner and going down on her own (before Daddy could even finish getting up the stairs).  She would say, "2-1 blast off!" and bounce her way down.
 She liked these little guys until they bucked her off...
 The place we were at sometimes has different characters come in (Mickey, Elmo, etc.).  Today it was Minnie Mouse.  She backed up - wide-eyed - not real sure about Minnie.
 Dad - get our hand off - I can do it myself!
 She also loved the tunnels!
 She did this to herself...I think I'll have a seat here...
 Dancing to the music
 Fun times with Daddy! (and Mommy)