Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Colorado!

The week after my spring semester ended, I took a week-long trip to Colorado to visit my family! I make the 19 hour drive from Corpus Christi to Greeley on my own on the way up (I hadn't planned to do it in one day, but did!), then Dan flew out for the weekend and we drove back together!
This is pretty much what the drive looked like...the whole way...
After 13 hours in Texas, I FINALLY got to another state!
For the first few days, I was in Greeley with my sister Lisa and her family. While I was there, there was lots of playing with my nephews, and got to listen to my brother-in-law's Baccalaureate address to the high school he worked at - such a blessing! I also got to go watch Gavin and Grant at their end of the school year field day.
Gunnar playing at the park!
Gage on the slide at the park!
Gavin climbing to the highest point possible...boys!
Grant playing on the monkey bars!
My sister Lisa and I after Nate's speech
Talking to Uncle Dan on iChat!
Gunnar doing some ski jumping on the Wii!
Nate taking his turn at the tight rope walk!
Lisa showing us her yoga moves!
Gage showing us his muscles at the field day!

The next few days I spent in my hometown of Wray with my sister, Angie and her family. More fun playing with our nephew and niece! My parents were in Hawaii until the last day we were there, so we got to see them briefly - wish it could have been longer.

Katie Jo!
My sister, Angie, and brother-in-law, Mike, teaching Ben how to box on the Wii!
Fun times wrestling with Uncle Dan!
Katie's tactic - pull hair!

Such a fun trip! Our drive home was a little faster - but we were coming from Wray instead of Greeley - 17 hours! We decided to drive through the night to avoid Memorial Day traffic, but it got us back to Corpus mid-afternoon to unwind a little before Dan had to be back to work on Tuesday.

One more cute video from the trip...
Gage doing some hula-hooping on the Wii!