Thursday, October 8, 2009

Broncos-Cowboys Trip

Last weekend we travelled to Colorado for our annual Wisdom Family Broncos Weekend in Denver! Every year, we all get together and spend the night in Denver, followed by a Broncos game. It usually means the whole family staying at Lisa & Nate's the night before (14 people and growing!) in Greeley. Friday evening was spent playing in the back yard - because Colorado has a fall, and it's not still 100 degrees out! (yes, the Texas heat is wearing on us...we are expecting our first major cold front tomorrow - I'm busting out the Christmas music to bring it along!)

The little boys were jumping on the trampoline and playing on the swings.
The big boys played some football.
Grant tackles Gav in the football game.
Gav playing some QB - Grant defending.
Katie and I were in charge of cheering!

Saturday morning was nice and lazy - like they should be! The boys were watching a movie for about 30 seconds, so I took the opportunity to try and get a picture of all 5 of them.

Gavin, Grant, Gage, Gunnar, and Ben
Katie kept her distance and stayed on the other couch with Grammie!
Shortly after, it was time to wake up Grandad!
Katie stayed back with me to take pictures.
Gunnar loves his Grandad!

Later Saturday morning (after Grammie's French Toast!), it was Uncle Dan and Aunt Stacey's turn to watch all the kids while Lisa & Nate talked with Mom & Dad/Mike & Aug about the vision God has given them as staff members with Athletes in Action. (If you are interested in hearing more about this - see their website: - it should be up and running by Friday 10/9)

Katie had to wait her turn on the bike...she didn't like that so much!
Uncle Dan showing Ben how to hit the baseball of the tee.
Grant fixing the bike seat so Ben could ride it.
Gunnar's turn at the tee...Ben and Katie watch and cheer.
Katie with Uncle Dan & Aunt Stacey
They call her "Little Stace" - can't understand why! :-)

Saturday night we stayed in Denver at the same hotel that the Cowboys stayed at. We went to dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse - which apparently originated in Texas - we have never seen one or heard of it! Good eatin' though! The game was perfect football weather - 60s and sunny to partly-cloudy for most of the game. It makes coming back to 100 degrees a lot harder!

50th Anniversary Logo on the 50 yard line
Player introductions
Dan wants this as a tent in the back yard...
Flyover before the game
Ben's excited to watch some Broncos football!
So is Katie!
McDaniels laying into the offense
For the record, Dan & I have been McDaniels lovers since the beginning! :-)
It sure was fun to return to Cowboys crazy Texas with a Broncos win. I didn't bring it up at all! :-)

This was posted by the NFL - a fun montage of the game, including Coach McDaniels' commentary...

My personal favorite quotes:
"I don't understand what we've got to do to get a flag called on them. I know this is America's Team, but this is ridiculous!" (Coach McDaniels)

"Welcome back big boy!" (Dave Logan about Brandon Marshall)

On the flight out - we were delayed quite a bit for storms in Dallas. DFW was shut down for over an hour, causing all sorts of delays. On our flight from Corpus to Dallas, we could see this. The video doesn't do it justice...we could see a huge thunderhead with this lightening going on inside of it, then in the background it was crystal clear skies with stars all over...amazing!
Evidence that demands a verdict...