Monday, February 2, 2009

When we left Indiana, we left a lot of our furniture to make the move easier.  Since July, we've been kitchen table-less (eating on the couch has become the norm), bookshelf-less (all of our books are in stacks in the loft upstairs) and have been sharing Stacey's old small desk (let's be honest, Stacey's been using it and Dan mostly types from the couch).  

So we've been saving to buy new furniture, and with the addition of Christmas money - we were finally able to get some furniture!!  

Dining Room:  China Hutch 
(I've always wanted one, but never found one I liked, until now!)

Kitchen Table

New Desk
(with space for both of us...but Dan will tell you I've been hogging it, claiming I have some big paper or something to work on - hence the mess...)

New Bookshelves
(yay!  our books finally have a home, and we can see the floor in the loft!)