Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Sister Pictures

Watching a movie
Sweet sisters
Lilly - look at my face
Sometimes all a Dad wants is some privacy...
Watching for Daddy to come home from work
Hi guys
Playing with our castle
Time for some dancing
Hungry Hungry Hippos fun
Wrestling...Lilly is about to overtake her
Dan's Dad fell from a ladder and broke his ankle...this was the girls' get well wish to Grandpa!

August Random Pictures

She loves her boots
Practicing her dancing
Taking care of her baby while watching a show
Big girl!
She insists on going down the stairs like this...makes a mama's heart drop...
Evelyn singing in her British accent
Helping Daddy with some yard work
Ah yes - it's finally Broncos season!
Gah - Evelyn was wearing this outfit like 4 months ago (*bawling*)
First pigtails!
Look Mom, I dressed myself!
 Tickle monster Daddy
Sometimes Mommy's runs are just too long to stay awake...
(so Mommy parks the stroller inside to take advantage of the nap!)
Picking out her water bottle and backpack for school
Having some cake!
Evelyn and her friend Taylor at a birthday party
Evelyn and the birthday girl, Kendall
Lilly's first ice cream cone!
Mmmmm - what's this you are letting me hold?
 I think she likes it!
There's just something about this kid drinking through a straw - it's my favorite!
Big girl swinging
Climbing some trees
Mom - pick me up!
Half naked dancing is a fan favorite around here....wait...
Practicing her curtsy for dance
Sweet girl!
Trying to get to Daddy's popcorn

Friday, August 29, 2014

Finally, Rain!

We finally got some rain down here - it's been a pretty hot and dry summer - so this was much needed!  While Lillian had her morning nap, Evelyn and I had some fun in the rain...
At this party, pants are optional.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Endo Checkup

Evelyn had her 7 month check up with her endocrinologist today.  She has these every 3-4 months, where they check her stats (height, weight, BP, etc.) and visit with Dr. Paez.  The past two times, she has had to adjust Evelyn's dosage because she is responding so positively to the therapy.
Getting her blood pressure taken
Her checkup today was great!  In the 7 months since she started (late January), this is how she has grown:
HEIGHT - started at 29.5 inches - now at 34 inches - grew 4.5 inches
WEIGHT - started at 20.8 pounds - now at 26.2 pounds - gained 5.4 pounds

Dr. Paez said that they expect about 4 inches of growth across the first year - so she is definitely ahead of the curve in that respect!  She is actually finally back on the growth charts for weight, and just under them for height.  She definitely looks like she fits in with her friends now, even though she is still the smallest of them.

Over the past year or so of going to Driscoll for various doctor appointments, Evelyn has always wanted to play on this playground - but it's been under construction forever.  
She finally got to play on it today!
It's exciting to see her growing so much!  I await the day that Dr. Paez is stumped because she is growing too fast...and we see evidence of her complete healing here on earth!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hibachi Grill

We took the girls to a Hibachi grill tonight - it was Lillian's first Hibachi experience.  The night started off with a little too much excitement when the table next to us had a fire.  Like a legitimate too much oil with the flame on the grill so the flame spread to the floor.  It was enough of a scare that we moved the girls away from our table, too.  A little crazy! 
Evelyn watching our chef (who was not the fire one)
Mommy and Lillian watching
Our flame - that stayed on the grill! - the girls loved it!
Evelyn trying to use chopsticks
It's always fun to observe them watch everything that is going on at places like this - the wonder in their eyes with a twinkle of fear is priceless!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Backyard Swimming

Today was so hot (OK, every day is...), but it definitely called for some swimming in the back yard!
The girls figured out how to drink from the hose...a childhood milestone

Time for some popcicles!