Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Weekend of Swimming

We found an amazing pool for little ones in Corpus Christi this weekend.  I just googled, "zero depth pool, Corpus Christi" and found it.  I'm so sad that I didn't find it until now because it closes soon.  We thought that it was closing this weekend, but found out today that they are actually open through Labor Day on the weekends.  We're definitely going to get back a few times between now and then.  It has a splash pad area with all sorts of fountains and splashy toys, as well as a zero depth entry pool with more fountains and toys.  The deepest it gets is 4 feet, so it's perfect for kiddos.  We went on Friday night for the first time - Dan met us there when he got off from work.  Evelyn loved it, and got her first bona fide skinned toddler knee while we were there.  It didn't even phase her.
 She loved climbing out of the pool
 Look, guys, I can walk in here!
 She would shriek and laugh every time this would get into her face

 A view of the pool area - small - but perfect for littles
 This was the splash pad area - she loved it, too
She loved these little fountain-y things - she kept trying to grab the water
We originally thought that this pool was going to close today, so we planned to go back and invited our Life Group to go with us.  We met 2 other families there and had a blast - and found out that they were still open on weekends until Labor Day.  Evelyn again loved these little fountains in the splash park - except when they sprayed her in the it, it's worth it...Dan has watching this laughing about 20 times tonight and we've only been home for about 20 minutes. :-)
 Time to get ready to go home - it was actually a little chilly with the wind outside today, so we had a cold girl!
We actually ended up eating with some friends in the park next to this pool, and enjoyed getting to know them a little better.  We have been blessed to be surrounded by some great families with young kids in our church.  It reminds me of our friends in Indiana (sigh...I miss you guys like crazy!)  Thankful for friends! (there's one thing that makes South Texas bearable....but really, can we move back north, yet?!?)

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