Friday, January 8, 2010

Dad's Arm

I mentioned in the Christmas post that Dad was in the hospital for the first 4 days of our trip to Colorado. It turns out he had a ruptured bursae sac that became infected. For a couple of days it was a little scary, because we weren't sure if the infection was MRSA or a regular staph infection. Praise the Lord it was just a staph infection (not that it made it any easier on my Dad).
This is a picture of what it looked like the day we arrived.
(Sunday - which was day 5 of his arm slowly getting bigger and redder, day 2 in the hospital)
While he was in the hospital, they had him on some pretty heavy antibiotics and drained it daily. That was his favorite part. :-) (that was sarcasm!) After spending 4 days in the hospital, they released him to come home, so he was home for Christmas! He still had to go back daily to have it drained, and was on an oral antibiotic. He was still in quite a bit of pain - which I'm sure the night I knocked it with the back of my chair didn't help at all. They referred him to an orthopedic surgeon to have the bursae sac looked at to determine if surgery was needed.

The orthopedic surgeon who repaired his ruptured biceps tendon a while back, and has done all of my Mom's shoulder and knee surgeries is the team surgeon for the Colorado Avalanche. Dan flew back to Texas that morning, so I went with my parents to drop him off, then to Dad's appointment. While there, Dr. Parker wanted to try an in-office procedure that would clean out the bursae sac and allow healthy tissue to reform. In 80% of patients, this takes care of it, so surgery is not needed. Below are the pictures from the procedure - be warned, they are cool (I think), but a bit graphic! :-)

He started by making about a 2 inch incision over the bursae sac to drain everything out and clean it up. He then swabbed out the area with about 10 huge cotton swabs (no more than 2 at a time) and a peroxide-type solution. Dad had blood and all the bubbly peroxide junk rolling down his arm - it was gross, but cool. Dr. Parker then packed the area with about 18 inches of a 1/2 or so wide gauze tape. Dad was supposed to keep this tape in for 2 days, then take out about an inch and a half each day until it was all out.

Dr. Parker making the incision.
Swabbing out the area with peroxide.
Starting to stuff the tape in.
More stuffing.

It looked pretty painful, and my Dad was in a lot of pain over the next few days. I felt so bad for him! The good news is he went back a week later and had all of the tape removed. It is healing up, and could take up to a month to completely heal over. Praise God that he didn't have to have surgery!! Still praying that it will continue to heal up completely!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Colorado

We just got back from spending Christmas in Colorado. This year was a little different than most because my Dad was in the hospital for the first 4 days we were there. I'll post more on that later! Here's some pictures from the trip...along with some highlights of the stories!

Ben & Katie anxiously awaiting dinner at Subway.
I personally like Ben's choice of wardrobe.
Dan playing with the only girl who has more power over him than me!
Ben and I making a pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas Eve.
He was my "smash the graham cracker" helper (among other things!).
Katie and I playing "balls" on the pool table.
We've been told multiple times that she is a lot like me at that age!
I don't know where she gets it!
Every year I make a video slideshow of pictures for my Mom from all of us - which means every year we try to line up all the kids, get them to stay still for 10 seconds so we can record them telling Grammie "Merry Christmas". This year was actually a pretty easy year!
Lining the kids up for the annual "Merry Christmas Grammie" video.

We took a family trip to the WRAC (local recreation center) - the big boys played some 3-on-3 basketball (Dan was in his element) - while the sisters watched all the little ones.
Here's Gavin riding the exercise bike.
I'm sure you noticed the ugly Philadelphia Eagles jersey he has on...yes, this is the nephew I bet over the Broncos/Eagles game. The bet was if the Broncos won, I got to paint his nails pink and he had to leave it on for a day. If the Eagles won, I had to make a snow angel in the snow bank out front, in 26 degree weather, wearing (only) one of my Mom's swim suits. Needless to say, I lost. And no, there are not any pictures! :-)

Nathan teaching Grant some hoops moves.
Gunnar Wade gearing up to shoot some hoops!
After a while, we got tired of chasing 6 kids around the WRAC, so we shut them all into one of the racquetball courts with about 10 balls. It was all fun and games until Katie got her eye poked out...and Gage realized he was shut in...and well, the moral of the story is maybe 6 kids locked in a racquetball court isn't the best plan.
The view from above of the racquetball court.
I was working on Mom's Christmas video, and my parents have one of those nifty coffee tables that the top lifts up to make a desktop.
Gage P tried to take a seat, not realizing I had the top lifted...
Gunnar and Katie playing with Katie's stroller!
Gage, Katie, and I ready for church that night.
Every year my parents get us all matching jammies (big kids included!).
Gunnar had the original red pair on, but quickly wanted to change when a new blue pair arrived on Christmas morning from Santa!
Grant showing us his new marshmallow launcher from Uncle Mike & Aunt Angie and Uncle Dan & Aunt're welcome Lisa & Nate! :-)
Showing off our new it!
Katie loved sitting at her new recording studio and singing "hump tee hump hump look at hos tee go" (aka, thumpity thump thump...).
This would be the night that Mr. Evans (my high school math teacher and track coach) stopped by and asked, "Are you still running marathons?" I stood up to give him a hug, and he said, "Looks like you slowed down a little." Wow. God bless Mr. Evans!
Gage, Ben and I making funny faces at dinner.
Gunnar sporting his new hat!
Katie sporting her new hat, Broncos cheerleader outfit, snow boots, and jumping on her new trampoline!
Gunnar and Katie watching a movie - CHEESE!

Another great trip home! We pray you each had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!!