Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We Have a Tooth!!

Just 13 days shy of 1 year old, we have our first tooth cutting through!  Evelyn has been a crazy drooler since about 4-5 months old, so we've chalked it up to "teething" for 6 months now.  She was pretty fussy on Tuesday, especially during the day, so Amber (her nanny) and I weren't sure if she was missing Dan and I or just being crabbers that day.  At this point, after 6 months of expecting teeth, we've pretty much stopped attributing all teething symptoms to teething.  As we were getting her ready for bed on Tuesday night, she was batting crazy at her ear - and I just prayed she wasn't getting an ear infection or something.  I briefly wondered if maybe she was finally getting a tooth, but didn't dwell on it because...well, it's been 6 months of expecting one!  She usually wakes up just before I head to work, so when I was changing her this morning, I looked in - but her gums looked exactly like they have for the last 2 months or so - reddish, a little swollen, and whiter than normal from a front view so you know teeth are coming down at some point.  Well, she must have busted it through over breakfast because after breakfast there it was!  Amber and I both tried to get pictures of it today, but neither of us were very successful.  As you can see below, she wasn't really interested in opening her mouth and showing us anything!  It's just barely cut through the surface of her gums - so maybe as it pushes up we'll get some sweet toothy shots! 
Not gonna do it...not gonna show you...
 Guys...I said no.  
(I don't know where she gets it from!)
 OK, I'm starting to get really mad guys.
 Wait...I like that strap on the camera...
 Let me see that!
(and if you REALLY can see the white popping through her lower gum of her left/center tooth).
Maybe in a few days we can get a good first tooth shot!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from yesterday...she found a flower in one of the drawers in our china hutch that we let her get into (the one drawer, not the china hutch itself).
Hey Mom!  Look what I found!
 Are you going to let me keep playing with this??

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