Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A First Birthday in Indiana

We are in Indiana until Wednesday, so we celebrated Evelyn's first birthday while we are here.  We woke up for some snuggle time in bed before we had to get ready for the day.
This was the best we could get for a 'one' when we asked how old she was still early!
A birthday breakfast!
Tuesday was Grandma Mable's funeral, so it was a little bit of a rough day for everyone.  Evelyn got about a 20 minute morning nap (she usually naps for around an hour and a half in the morning).  We figured she would fall asleep and take a good nap at Grandma and Grandpa's house after we got the last of her party loot together.
This is a tired birthday girl, running birthday errands...
I got to sit in the back with the birthday girl, while Daddy rode up front being wrangled by the balloons!
At Grandma and Grandpa's house, Evelyn decided she did not need an afternoon nap either.  I was busy decorating for the party, while Dan was trying to get her down.  After about 45 minutes of (a hot house + a new place = no naps for littles), we traded off and I took her for a drive around Greenfield/New Pal/Shelbyville (the old stompin' grounds) so she would sleep.  Fortunately it worked, and she got about an hour of sleep (although she usually gets about 2 hours in the afternoon).
All dressed up for her party!
We were so blessed to have our closest friends from Indianapolis and Dan's family be there for Evelyn's party.  Two of my best friends, Emily and Katie, and their families came (minus Josh, he hates us) - and I was so busy talking that I didn't get many pictures.  When Emily catches up on her blog, I'll post more! 
Evelyn with Rigley, Paislee, and Tucker
The birthday girl enjoying the older kids' blowing bubbles (and Paislee dumping them on her jeans)
Hey Rig, check out my lips!
(Shhhh...don't tell Hank!)
Tucker playing with his bubbles
There were also a number of Dan's good friends from high school who came.  Chad & Lisa and their family, David, and Joe & Chrissy and their little guy. 
Chad, Lisa, and Alexis
Alexis is about 3 weeks older than Evelyn
David catching up on some real sports teams...Boilers, Broncos...
A family party picture
We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and of course had cake.  In the limited time we had to prepare, I threw together what I could for a cake - a pink flower with yellow and purple accents to match the decorations we picked out. guys have been holding out on me - this stuff is delicious!
Hey guys - did you see this cake I got?!
Charlotte and Tucker checking in on the birthday girl
Hooray for cake!

And now for the presents...
She loved the tissue paper - and the toys once they got out of the pesky boxes!
My own new purse - complete with credit card, bracelet, cell phone, keys and a mirror!
This paper is fun - it crinkles!
I love my new teapot - it makes fun sounds!
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with our little girl!  You made a tough day much better for us.  I never imagined not being at our own house for her first birthday - but you made it very special!  Happy birthday, Evelyn!!

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  1. I am so thankful that we got to celebrate with you guys! My heart hurts looking at the pictures and knowing you are back in Texas and not here in Indy (you know, where you're from - lol). Happy 1st Birthday, Evelyn!!