Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day with Evelyn.  I guess I was a mother already last year, but I had to wait 7 more days to hold her in my arms rather than feel her knee on my bladder!  We had a wonderful day!  Daddy and Evelyn brought me a continental breakfast (from the hotel lobby) in bed - which means I got to sleep in a little!  Evelyn gave me the present she and Dan had been working on (I have the best husband in the world!).  Dan had created a book, "written" by Evelyn, about us.  He wants to continue this each year and let her take more of the lead in future years.  I loved it - so much!
After presents, Dan and I got ready while Evelyn took a nap - then we did some shopping for her impromptu Indiana birthday party.  We killed some time walking through stores on Washington street (which is the main shopping district near where we used to live), then met all of Dan's family for lunch at a Chinese buffet that was way over the top (and a bit overwhelming!).  Afterwards, we went back to the hotel so Evelyn and I could take a nap while Dan watched the Pacers game. 
 We then headed downtown with hopes of eating fried pickles at Scotty's, but their kitchen was down when we got there.  So we went to the Weber Grill instead....still tasty (yum - pretzel rolls!).  We loved being able to sit OUTSIDE and not sweat like crazy while eating.  Evelyn enjoyed her first ever kids meal and we enjoyed yummy steak skewers, bbq chicken, and tilapia.
We then went for a walk down along the canal, which is where Dan and I had our first date.  It was fun to walk down there again, we hardly ever get to go down there when we come in November because it's freezing and we're running around to see everyone.  It was a perfect first Mother's Day!

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