Monday, May 21, 2012

My New Toys!

Evelyn loves her new toys!  I am now in the market to find some sort of storage for our living room.  When we bought our house, we always kind of thought that our upstairs loft would be a perfect office/play room.  But we didn't think through the fact that we pretty much live downstairs and sleep upstairs, so our living room is pretty much Evelyn's play room. 
She loves her Disney princess couch - she pretty much drags every toy onto or around it.
This seemed like the best way to climb over...
I also love these blocks Daddy picked out for me!
And the puppy that says my name in the background from David, Leah, and Isaiah!
And this cool tunnel from Nicole, Todd, Tyler, and Shay
Nicole...she climbed in it for about 10 minutes, then got stuck because she tried to climb sideways and it ended up rolling like a hamster wheel.  She's not so sure of it now.  But she loves the door and peeking in for now!
Her nanny, Amber, also made her a really cool book called Evelyn's ABCs.  She took tons of pictures of Evelyn with different objects, then put the pictures in the book with each page as a letter.  A is for apple (Evelyn holding an apple), avocado (Evelyn holding an avocado), Amber (Evelyn and Amber)....all the way to Z.  She did such a great job of including things that Evelyn loves, as well as pictures of her extended family that she pulled off our blog.  A very neat present that Evelyn will really love as she gets older!

Thank you to everyone who brought or sent her gifts!  She is very blessed and is loving all of it!  You'll probably see them in pictures over the coming months! :-)

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  1. I have been stocking your blog for the birthday pictures! Hopefully she outgrows the fear of the tunnel. It is one of those toys they play with a long time. Tyler got one when he was one and they both still play with it.