Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Ladybug's First Birthday Party

We had Evelyn's first birthday scheduled before we went to Indiana - fortunately we were able to still hold it as scheduled.  It was a ladybug theme - and of course, I went a little overboard.  It's her first birthday, I can.   For those of you who weren't able to come from Indiana and Colorado (or California...) - here are some decoration pictures for you:
The invitation
Food and gift tables
I had an idea to make a banner of pictures from each month...but the trip to Indiana cut my time short, so I ended up just taping them along the house.  Not quite what I envisioned, but here it is...
Signs leading the guests to the back yard
Evelyn's chair
The cake!
We just had the party in our backyard, and the weather cooperated for the most part.  It was south Texas, so it was hot, but it wasn't nearly as hot as it could have been.  We were spoiled the week before in Indiana. 
Mommy and her birthday girl fashionista
Knighting Amber with her ladybug wand
I told you I went a little over the top...
Baby Isaiah's first birthday outing
3 weeks old today!
Evelyn loves baby Isaiah!
Wesley talking with my Dad - love this kid!
Daddy and his birthday girl!
A family picture before the cake festivities!
Cake twice in one week - this is the life!
Digging in!
She did some damage to this one...Grandad helped a little!
She was not a huge fan of ice cream, however...crazy kid
We had a wardrobe change before the present opening (see above picture - and imagine the mess that was on the plate on her shirt, shorts, chair, grass...  I ran her inside and just rinsed her off in the tub instead of dealing with wiping frosting off with a wet paper towel.  She was fussy and hacked off at the world while I was doing it, but as soon as we walked outside and she saw everyone was still there and watching her, she was instant happy and showing off.  Oh boy.
Telling everyone thank you by clapping
I just want to get that cup with my name on it...
It was a great party!  I am so thankful for my husband and parents who helped me pull off all the little things I wanted to do, but didn't have the whole week to do since we were in Indiana. 

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  1. Love it!! Wish we could've been at this party too. I may steal the monthly-photo-party-banner. Great idea! Maybe you guys wanna come up in August for Henry's first birthday to escape the even hotter weather in TX? ;-) Or perhaps just move back by then... Four years in the desert is like forty, right?