Saturday, May 12, 2012

Unexpected Trips

We made an unexpected trip to Indiana this week.  Dan's grandmother, Mable, passed away on Thursday so we flew out to Indianapolis for the viewing and funeral today.  We had to wake Evelyn up pretty early, and of course she didn't go back to sleep in the car, at the airport, or on the first flight from Corpus to Houston - but she did great!
A bag full of toys, and she wants straws and water bottles...
She was exhausted in Houston - but still hanging in there!
Evelyn only had one smallish meltdown when we taxied for about 20 minutes leaving Houston for Indianapolis, then slept almost the entire flight.  Hooray for the Daddy shake!
This is what a little girl looks like after a 2 hour nap on a plane!
She loved this little seat in the bathroom 
(yes, I was that Mom who wiped it down with a wipe and hand sanitizer before I sat her in it - Daddy was waiting for the stroller plane side)
When we got to Indianapolis, we ran a couple of errands to get her some food and diapers for the week, and got checked into our hotel.  Our hotel was perfect - it was a suite-ish room that had a little kitchenette so we had a refrigerator for her food/milk and a microwave.  It also had a ledge/half wall between the entry way with the kitchenette and the rest of the room.  It worked out perfectly because we put the pack-and-play in that entry way, then we could still move around the other half of the room without her seeing us.  We just had to wait to go to the bathroom until she fell asleep! :-)

We then headed up to Fishers to spend the evening with Dan's brother, Mike, and his family (Kendra and Micah).  Evelyn and Micah are 5 months apart, so it was fun to watch the two of them play.
 Sweet boy...your Aunt Stacey needs to squeeze you some more!
 Evelyn LOVED their cat Resee...
 Resee was not so fond of Evelyn, the hair puller...
 Here Resee...
 You can play with my toy if you let me pull your hair!
 I love Micah's toys!
 Evelyn showing Micah her basketball skills
Her Mommy's girl...with a football!
Uncle Dan with Micah
 My daughter, the bully...
Little does she know that Micah actually weighs more and is taller than she is - give him some time to catch up with his motor skills and control - and he's gonna be retaliating!
Thanks for a great night, Mike & Kendra!!

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