Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heavy Drinking

We have started to transition Evelyn to whole milk.  She is off of bottles and completely onto sippy cups now - and that transition wasn't too bad at all, she pretty much did it herself.  She loves water in her sippy cup, but we are finding she is not so much a fan of milk in her sippy cup.  She is usually really thirsty when she is eating, so we started just giving her milk during that time.  However, she quickly figured out that she could tell if it was water or milk in her cup by looking at if the liquid was clear or white.  I told Dan this morning that I was going to find some different sippy cups that weren't see through so she couldn't tell.  I wasn't really wanting to go buy more sippy cups though, because we already have plenty.  Enter the koozie.  

I cut off the tops so that they would fit her sippy cups and hide what was she is trying to figure them out (I wish we would have videoed...).  I knew these would come in handy some day! 
Now she will at least drink 2-3 drinks of the milk before she decides she doesn't want it.  At least until she figures out how to look at the liquid through the slits in the bottom.  Might need to get out my sewing materials and sew them up!  I know she's going to like milk once she gets used to it...she LOVES cheese and yogurt!


  1. It was hard for Chloe to transition from water to milk in a sippy cup too. She loved the water but wouldn't drink the milk. As gross as it may sound, I put a tiny amount of milk in her water and just gradually added more milk to the ratio each time until she was just drinking milk. Just an idea...

  2. All of my kids hated milk when transitioning from breastmilk to milk. The oldest three wanted nothing to do with it....nothing. With Chaney I had to mix strawberry syrup, not much but enough to change the taste and color. They ate enough cheese and yogurt that I was not too worried. They drink milk much better now. Paislee is still much more of a juice girl but will still get her calcium in cheese and milk in her cereal.

    If all ele fails then break out the Oreos, they always go good with milk.

  3. Same with Shay. He would cry hysterically and throw the sippy cup on the ground if we gave him milk in it. He associated milk with bottles. You just have to give it time to break the association. It took Shay a long time. Now he guzzles milk from sippies. And I tried to find cups with tops like bottles and that didn't work either!