Thursday, May 17, 2012

More from Indiana

Here are some other pictures and pieces of our trip to Indiana...
Can't find a nice outdoor basketball goal within 10 miles of our house in Texas, but we have one at our hotel in Indiana!

One major thing I miss from Indiana...Culver's...turtle sundae with cashews.
Sweet Indiana bliss.
Evelyn with Grandpa Gaines
Daddy, Grandpa, and Evelyn
The Gaines siblings (minus Leann)
Mike, Dan, Renee, Nikki, and Ed
The Gaines Family
Mike, Ted, Becky, Dan, Renee, Nikki, and Ed
Kendra and I honestly didn't plan the black and white polka dot outfits
Mike, Micah, and Kendra
Our little family
Doing some swimming one morning
Cashed out on the flight home...lots of fun was had, much sleep is needed
On the flight home, she was entertained by our boarding passes...why do we need toys?!
We were welcomed home by a our house.  Awesome.  I'm pretty sure I brought it in with the box that was left on our porch, so it wasn't just roaming around for 5 days while we were gone.  But still, it was in our house.  Evelyn sat and played like nothing was going on while Dan and I moved the couch only to have it run/leap (it was a leapin' lizard Mrs. Hannigan!) into our fireplace.  Dan trapped it against the back wall of the fireplace with the plastic splash guard from our microwave - then somehow got it to latch onto that to trap it with a pot lid.  We have 8-10 of these little guys roaming around our house and while I don't like them, I know that when they are here - snakes usually are not, because snakes eat them.  So bring on the lizards.

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