Friday, May 25, 2012

Fly-Over States

 It's no secret that I grew up in Colorado.  When most people hear of someone who grew up in Colorado, they think of something like this...
But I actually grew up with surroundings like this...
My little hometown - Wray - is just inside the tri-corner area where Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska meet.
We were really more a part of the Midwest than the mountains.  I loved the years I spent in Greeley because it was so close to the mountains - you could be in them in an hour.  I used to love driving in the mountains - stopping for a few hours to hike, or just sit and read, or spending some time with the Father.  But as I get older, I find myself missing the simplicity of Northeastern Colorado - where the nearest WalMart is 90 miles away.

I think that is why I love this song by Jason Aldean - Fly Over States - so much.

It reminds me of home - of people who work hard and don't feel like they are entitled to anything.  Of a place where there are seasons.  Indiana was the same way.  Most of my time there, I hated it.  I called it the butthole of America.  But now that I've been away, I'm realizing it was the pressure of graduate school that I hated, Indiana wasn't so bad after all.  

I miss them both.