Sunday, April 29, 2012

Talking Points

Evelyn is learning her w's...and it's my most favorite thing she does right now.  It melts my heart, it's so cute (and I'm not biased at all!).
(bonus points to whomever can name what is playing in the background)

Here's another of her talking while playing with her farmhouse.
 As you can see, she's becoming quite the talker (although, of course she stops when I start videoing) - and she only has one volume.  I'm told she sounds a lot like her Mom at this age...that can't be true!


  1. It's FRIENDS of course! The episode where Ross and Rachel tell Chandler and Monica they will get Emma if they die?

  2. I can't tell what it is but I think a safe bet is Friends.

    PS- your daughter is loud and I do think she gets that from you:-)

  3. She is going to be a talker; like mommy :) Like my boys and their mommy. Which means she is going to be smart! Love her. She is so adorable. So close to one year!