Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Visiting Colorado

It's been almost two weeks since Evelyn and I went to Colorado for a week.  I figured it's about time that I got these pictures posted!  It is my hope that for as long as we are away from Colorado, I will be able to go home for a week or two in the summer so that Evelyn can spend time with her cousins. For the last few years, all of the Wisdom cousins have gotten together for a couple of weeks at my Mom and Dad's during swimming lessons.  Evelyn's week for lessons in Wray this year coincided with the week we were coming home from Hawaii.  We thought that might be a little much for her - to be in Hawaii for a week and turn around and head to Colorado for a week.  So I opted to go the following week when she wouldn't be in swimming lessons, but all of the other kids would be.  I wish Dan would have been able to come with us, but his vacation days were slim after our trip to Hawaii!  So Evelyn and I packed up, about 5 days after we returned for Hawaii, and headed for Colorado.

She did great on the flight - had a little meltdown in Houston while waiting to take off - but otherwise enjoyed shredding the magazines and eating snacks.
My Mom and Dad were flying into Denver the same day from Indiana (they were there for a wedding), so they waited for us to arrive.  We were planning to drive to Loveland, pick up the Buxman boys, and head to Wray with the whole clan.
Evelyn "driving" with Grandad while Mom and I got the car seat in the car.
Mom didn't have a convertible car seat, so Evelyn got to ride front-facing for the whole week.  She loved it!
Sometimes you just need a shoulder to rest your head on...
We got back to Wray pretty late on Saturday night, so we didn't get to see the Harms kids until the next day.  It wasn't long before all of the cousins were doting on "Pete" (her nickname with my family - she was named after my Grandmother, Evelyn Peterson - who we used to call "Pete Pete Grammie").
Laundry basket rides are always fun!
It's rough being the youngest cousin
Don't worry, Pete, that will change in August!
It was H.O.T. there...I thought I would be escaping the Texas heat when we were there...not so much.  The only difference was the humidity - in Colorado, it's still dry - so you don't feel like you skin is melting off of you when you walk outside.  So to me, it felt hot, but not as miserable as home.
One day we took the whole crew to watch Ben and Katie's T-ball game. 
I like Gunnar's Colorado chair, Purdue hat, and Mizzou shirt.  At least he keeps a similar color scheme!
Coach Mike showing us his shirt, sponsored by Wray Lumber Company!
Ben taking his turn at bat
Katie's turn!
I am told by my parents that watching Katie is like watching me when I was her age...
Katie in the field
Ben, ready for anything, in the field
Like I said, it was H.O.T. there - Evelyn was enjoying some of Grammie's water (with her little rosy cheeks!)
Since none of the cousins were able to be in Texas for Evelyn's first birthday, she got to open her gifts from them while we were home.  Ben, Katie, and Heidi (& Uncle Mike, Aunt Aug, and Quatro) gave her a little laptop that plays music and helps her learn letters, animals, etc.  It also says her name and can be programmed to receive emails from "Mommy" "Daddy" and "Cousins".  She loves it!
 The kids were all dancing with Pete...
I wish this video was longer because it is precious!
Another day we went to the library to pass some time...she loved the bean bags!
And playing with Heidi!
My Mom scheduled to have grandkid pictures while we were all home as well, so Tuesday night we got everyone showered and bathed and all prettied up.
This was trouble...
Ready for my pictures
(I'll post them all later!)
On Wednesday, it was finally not 100 degrees out!  So we all walked/rode bikes to swimming lessons.  One of the things I love most about my little hometown is this...being able to ride bikes or walk across town in 15 minutes.
Gavin driving the Burley converted to stroller with Heidi and Evelyn in it.
About 30 seconds later, Pete was crying because it was a little too rough a ride.
Teaching Gav some grown up skills...
Evelyn loved playing under my Mom and Dad's kitchen table.
Visiting with Great-Grandma Uni
And perhaps the most exciting (and at the same time sad) development of the week...
Evelyn took her first steps!
We headed back to Texas on Friday - Mom, Evelyn, and I left Wray around 7am to make it to the airport on time.
Bye Grandad...
The drive to Denver is about two and a half hours from Wray...perfect time for a nap!
This can't be good on a neck...
Playing on the airplane on the way home.  She played the entire two hour flight from Denver to Houston - and loved sticking her feet up on the tray table.
She finally slept the short flight from Houston to Corpus...resting up for Daddy!
It was a great trip - still praying we can get back there or to Indiana or somewhere in between someday.  I miss being close to family!

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