Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daddy Daycare - Day 4

Today was the last day for Daddy Daycare.  It sounds like Daddy and Evelyn had a fun-filled day. 
I'll give you one guess where we are at...yummy mac & cheese, and Daddy has a sweet tea.
 Like my cheesy beard?
 Daddy took me to the mall - not to shop, but to play in the play area with the other kids.  Daddy didn't get a lot of pictures because he couldn't keep up with me because I was all over the place.  Poor Daddy doesn't know what's coming in a few years.
 After that, we walked around the mall, but I was drawn to the Build-A-Bear store and this guy was my favorite!  Daddy had to hold me back to keep me from giving him a bear hug.
 After that we went through one of those automated Ben washes* (don't worry, Daddy had the car in park when he took this photo).  I was totally entertained by the spraying water and rolling brushes.
Watching the car wash some more...
 Now I'm cheesing it up after it was over...
(look at those teeth!)
 One of my many ornery faces!
 When Daddy put my shoes away, he found this massager in the basket.  He gave it to me and it started shaking...
 Since it was shaking, I decided to shake it some more.
 I am trying to figure out how thing thing works.  Is there a little man inside it running around or something?
I came home to a very happy baby (and husband) tonight.  Always makes a mama's heart smile!  Capped off by a fun night at Life Group - 'twas a good day!

*A Ben wash is a car wash.  When my niece, Katie, was born, I flew home to be there and was helping my Mom take care of their oldest, Ben.  One night we were talking about car washes right around bed time and I told Ben (who was about 2 at the time) that I was going to take him to the Ben wash (i.e., a bath/shower).  Poor kid thought I was going to throw him into the car wash and was terrified of them for years.

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  1. I have loved the Daddy Daycare posts... What a great daddy Dan is!!!