Saturday, July 14, 2012

Roaring 20s

Tonight we went to a Roaring 20s party for one of our friends from church.  It was so much fun.  It reminded me of some of my years in Greeley with the wench parties we would have.  By wench parties, I mean parties thrown by wenches.  It's a long story.  W.  Anyway, the last time I dressed up in 20s gear was for Kari's (a wench) 30th birthday when we threw her a 20s party.  I scoured pictures tonight and could not find one of the 20s party (shame!)...but here are some other wench party pictures so you get the idea - we went all out!
70s party
 Toga party
(yes, yes...that is John Elway I am dancing with - he made many appearances at the wenchdome)
I do miss these wenchy girls - sigh - summer of fun, indeed.

So....tonight we celebrated our friend, Sara.  Here are some pictures of the fun.
 Evelyn dancing with Daddy
I got a flapper dress made for an American Girl doll and rigged the back so that it would (sort of) fit Evelyn.  Of course, it was way too short, so we put a black diaper cover on her and called it good!
 She loved the balloons!
 Chasing the balloons...
Evelyn and I in our flapper gear
About halfway through the night, my brilliant idea of the flapper dress for Evelyn was not working so well.  I had to use fabric glue to put the velcro on the back to make it fit her didn't work so well (you can see the flailing ribbons on her back in the picture above).  So, like any good diva, she had a wardrobe malfunction followed by a wardrobe change!
There are those fun balloons again!  
And now I have this star on a stick to help me keep my balance!
 She was walking all over the place - so much space to roam around!
 Daddy helped her take a shot at the pinata!
Tons of fun celebrating Sara tonight!  My feet hurt like crazy - I haven't worn real heels in about, oh, 2 years.  Poor feet.  And poor Evelyn, she was out within about 30 seconds of laying her down in her crib.  Poor girl tuckered herself out!

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