Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Times on Summer Break

This summer has been awesome because I have a fantastic teaching schedule that allows me to be home with Evelyn for a lot of it.  We have two summer sessions, so for the first summer session (June and the first week in July), I have been teaching a graduate course fully online.  I have made it to campus about a day each week, but largely get to work from home.  In the second session (July and the first week or two of August), I will be teaching in a hybrid format - where I will be on campus for two days and online the other two days of the week (summer terms are only 4 days a week).  This worked out fairly well with Amber, Evelyn's nanny, too as she directs kids camps at a Christian youth camp that is near Corpus Christi.  So, being home with Evelyn makes for some summer fun!

Some random pictures over the past couple of weeks...
This was Evelyn and Dan the day after we got back from could tell she missed her Daddy, she wanted to be by him all the time that day!
Swinging on Mommy's legs
This is how she likes to sit in her highchair now
 Playing outside on a hot summer's day...we rotated between this and her swimming pool!
Cheesing it up for Daddy!
Hey guys, is there something on my face?
Evelyn loves the show Pocoyo.  My sister talked about it when I was home, so we checked it out a few days ago.  I love it because it is really simple - a white background and only 2-3 characters on the screen at a time.  It isn't crazy stimulating, and it has good social and emotional developmental precepts.  I especially like Pocoyo and his dancing and clapping. :-)  Dan likes Pato, the duck.
Watching Pocoyo with Daddy
Here's a random episode of Pocoyo I pulled off of YouTube for those who have never seen it!  
Get ready to live...

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