Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daddy Daycare - Day 1

I unofficially started back to work this week.  I have to be on campus two days a week, then I'll teach online the other two days a week.  We have a few days this week and next week where Amber (Evelyn's nanny) is directing kids camps at a nearby Christian youth camp, which leaves us without our normal childcare.  Dan decided to take some of his sick leave and stay home with her for the four days.  I think if we could swing it financially, he would do it full time. :-)  These are the pictures I received throughout the day...along with Daddy's commentary.
This monkey has a mouth full of banana
 Someone's britches are too big and she keeps walking on them
 Daddy took me to the pet store to teach me about animals.
I was mesmerized by all the fishies.
He tried to see if they sell ponies, but they don't. :-(
 Then we went to the bookstore.  I loved it.
I pulled out all sorts of books.
But the best was this train set they had.  It was fun!
Daddy even let me pick out a new bedtime book.
He told me to tell you not to worry - he washed my hands when we got to the car.
Day one of Daddy Daycare was a success!  Can't wait to see what they have planned for day two tomorrow!  Daddy's boy-ness is clearly rubbing off on her as well..she started doing this to me tonight while I was laying on the floor with her. 
Of course the first time she did it, we weren't videoing, and she would do it and crack herself up...over and over again. 

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