Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We spent most of our 4th of July at home, but went with some friends to our local minor league baseball team's game this evening.  Dan and I used to go to these games all the time, so it was fun to take Evelyn now that she is getting older.
Our little family of 3...
 What is it about boys ruining pictures?
We went to the game with our friends David and Leah, who have little boy, Isaiah.  Evelyn was learning how to be gentle with babies (no, she has no reason to be learning this...yet). 
Evelyn loved watching everything going on around her and dancing with the music as each player went up to bat.  She also loved getting to eat some of Daddy's frozen strawberry lemonade and Mommy's funnel cake.  (mmmm...)  Nothing like sugaring your kid up to keep her up so you can watch fireworks!

After the game, the Hooks had a short fireworks show, followed by a light show on the Harbor Bridge (which, let's face it - was pretty lame), which was followed by the main fireworks show in Corpus Christi.  They shoot them off the deck of the Lexington, which is a retired Navy ship that sits in Corpus Christi Bay.  Dan and I were commenting that this was the first 4th of July in 6 years that we saw fireworks.  We wondered how Evelyn would do with them.  She generally does not like really loud noises, but she thought these were pretty cool.
 Watching the show...
 This was the end of the Hooks' fireworks and the beginning of the Harbor Bridge light show.
 She liked to point at the fireworks.
The downside of the evening was waiting to get out of the parking lot.  There were thousands of people all over downtown Corpus Christi to watch the fireworks show off of the Lexington.  Add to that a few thousand in Whataburger Field and only one main road out of both places (the same road).  We sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes before we even moved.  A trip that normally takes around 25 minutes took an hour.  Evelyn did pretty well, all things considered.  I anticipate a sleepy girl tomorrow!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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