Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spoon Fishers

We had some flies in the house tonight, shoo-flies as Evelyn calls them.  I taught her to say "shoo, fly!" when they come around, so now she calls them shoo-flies.  Dan had a fly swatter out for a bit taking them down, and about 20 minutes later Evelyn started asking where the spoon fisher was.  We could not figure out what she was asking for, until she kept pointing at the pantry (where we keep the fly swatter - hanging on a hook).  Dan was the genius who figured out that a spoon fisher is a fly swatter.
She wanted to be naked that night - so we let her.  She and Dan had to run next door to our neighbor's house to return a bowl from a dinner they brought us a while back.  She insisted on just going in her underwear, and her new rain boots.  OK, kid - but I'm taking pictures to show your friends when you are 16.
She loves to look at the stars, so when they got back to our driveway, she laid down to see if they were out (because you have to lay down, Mommy, to see the stars!).  This kid cracks me up.
A laugh and a spanking every day. :-)

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