Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dan Birthday

Some other pictures from Dan's birthday weekend...
Evelyn wanted to make Daddy a birthday cake, so we did.
Such a good helper!
We went to dinner at Frank's - a spaghetti house here in Corpus that is really good.  It was prom night, so as we were finishing up there was a group of high school kids who came in for dinner.  When they walked in, Evelyn was so excited.  She said, "Their princesses - they're so pretty!"  Dan asked her if she wanted to go see the princesses (he figured every high school girl needs to know they are beautiful!), and of course she said yes.  As soon as they started walking over there, she was all star struck and shy.  It mad the girls night, though.  You can see them taking pictures with her.  It was adorable.
Fortunately, Dan didn't look like too much of a creeper because Lillian and I were right there. :-)

When we got home, we sang happy birthday to him and ate Evelyn's birthday cake.  We also had yummy homemade ice cream.  Dan's gift from us was an attachment to my kitchen stand mixer that freezes ice of his favorites. 
I really love this picture!

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