Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beach Baptisms

On Sunday, our church had a cookout on the beach along with baptisms on the beach.  Well, the baptisms were in the ocean, but you get the idea.  There was a ton of seaweed today, it was crazy.  But it didn't stop Evelyn from having fun.  She is the funniest kid - she makes up her own games, then gets Dan to play along.  It cracks me up.  Tonight it was grabbing sand, then waiting for the waves saying, "Move on back - move on back".  Then when the wave came, she would throw the sand.  It was hilarious.  You can sort of see it in the video was crazy windy, so about all you can hear is wind.

Lilly hanging out in the boba.
Like I said, it was super windy.  It reminded us of when our friends, Jay & Em, came down to visit shortly after we moved here (geez, Charlotte was just a baby - that's crazy!).  Imagine sitting in a hurricane of sand and you get close to the picture.  It's no fun for littles - particularly 2 year old littles whose eyes are right in the line of sand fire.  She had a blast when we were in the water, but as soon as we got up on shore, it was 2 minutes to meltdown.  So we didn't make it to the cookout portion of the night, but were glad to be there for what we could! 

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  1. On a plus side, it's kind of exfoliating. ;)