Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Weekend Cookout

We had plans with friends to have a cookout on Saturday evening at their house.  After some burgers and hang-out time, we got some eggs out for the kiddos to dye.

You can see it in this picture, so I might as well interject it here.  Evelyn got bit by their dog. :-(  Fortunately, she shut her eye - it could have been so much worse.  Mocha is an older dog, and he has a cyst on one of his back legs.  He was laying in the yard, and Evelyn climbed up on his back to ride him like a horse.  He snapped back at her - definitely not maliciously, more like a "get off me, kid!" - and got her.  She doesn't see to be too phased by it - she keeps saying, "Mocha bit me." and "We don't ride dogs like a horse."  Message received!
By the time we got home, it was pretty red and swollen.  I applied frankincense (healing), lavender (soothing), melaleuca (infection & healing), and helichrysm (swelling & healing) on it in layers.  It looked so much better, even just 12 hours later in the morning.  She had a bit of a shiner for a few days.  We are so thankful for God's protection over her...and that she's learned we don't ride dogs like horses. :-)

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