Saturday, April 19, 2014

Portland FBC Easter Festival + Duck Park

We went up to Portland (Texas) for an Easter Festival that Amber's church was having.  Her husband is the youth pastor there.  It was a fun morning - not too crowded, and the weather wasn't blazing hot like it has been in years' past.
LillyBelle watching the egg hunts (thanks Amber & Stephen for hanging back with her!)
I was Mom-of-the-Year and forgot her Easter basket at home.  Sorry kid.  That's what happens when your parents opt not to do Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  
Evelyn and Daddy ready to hunt for some eggs
She hit the jackpot.  While the rest of the kids ran to the closest egg and worked from there, little miss smarty-pants ran out 4-5 feet, then started picking them up. 

Hi guys!
Just checking some things out...
Ornery.  Both of them.
We had some breakfast, then it was time for the inflatables.  As always, everyone was worried that we would let her crawl up there by herself, then amazed that she just shoots right down!

We had planned to swing by the Easter Festival at our old church, but when we could see traffic backed up about a quarter of a mile from the turn in, we decided to head to the park instead.  We tried out a new park that has a ton of ducks and turtles that you can feed bread to.
And a fun merry-go-round.
Some fun with the ducks and seagulls.
She would throw the bread, then do was hilarious.
Amber and Stephen met us at the park, as well!

Our little clapper!

Fun morning - thanks for inviting us up, Amer & Steefinn!!

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