Friday, April 25, 2014

Dan Birthday - Aquarium

In the A&M System, professional staff get a birthday holiday where they can take a day off during their birthday month.  Dan's birthday falls on a Saturday this year, so he took the Friday prior to it off as his holiday.  We decided to head to the aquarium so he could experience it on a non-weekend day.  Unfortunately, it was field trip crazy today - so it was still a little hectic, but better than a Saturday.
Waiting for the dolphin show
Holding the crabs
Just hanging out with Daddy
Evelyn with the big alligator
About 2 minutes later, she told a little girl, "This is my Dad's alligator."  News to us!
The pesky otters wouldn't stay still for a picture

On Saturday, Dan's actual birthday, he wanted to go up to the aquatic center in Portland.  It's open year-round, but we found out it's only open like Tuesday-Friday (weird).  So we opted to head back to the aquarium for the splash park. (Paid for that annual membership in one weekend!)  Here are several shots from that (Lillian's first time in a splash park!)...

She kept trying to catch the water that was squirting up

I love you, sister!
There's my favorite eye-squint smile.  Love this kid!
This sequence of pictures involves Evelyn trying to sit with the big kids while a massive bucket of water dumps on top of you...
The dump...
The, ok - I didn't like that, where's my Dad?
The Dad laughing at his daughter's distress.
She lived - and I'm going to bet she'll do it again the next time we are there.  Lillian loved it, and while she is still not mobile, I think I could actually take them myself and not be completely crazy at the end of it.  I've got a window of about a month, I think...we'll see.

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