Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter is pretty low-key around here.  We are one of those families who doesn't do the Easter Bunny.  We do get the girls a few goodies in a basket, but they know it's from us.  We woke up Easter morning and had yummy cinnamon rolls from Fed by Bread.
We then had to try the bunny hat and slippers on Lillian...they fit Evelyn on her first Easter, Lillian, not so much.
Evelyn learned how to sit on the potty with a dress on.
A quick photo shoot before church...
"Lilly wants to lay down"

"I give Lilly a kiss"
(I love how much they love each other)
Got this sweet memory at church...Evelyn grabbed Lillian's hand all on her own.
Made me tear up!
After church, Dan hid some eggs in the yard for Evelyn to hunt for.  I felt like a guilty Mom because I had gotten several small things for Evelyn's basket over the last few months, but only had a couple of things for Lillian.  She totally got toys that hadn't been brought out of storage yet for her.  I'm sorry, kid.  I feel your pain, I was a second-born, too.  We'll stick together.

This is one of my favorite things that Lillian does right now.  She scrunches up her eyes and smiles.  Love it.

We got the girls bubble wands.  Evelyn has watched a little too much Jake & the Neverland Pirates - because she immediately drew it out, said, "I got my sword" - then put it in her sheath on her side.  Then promptly requested that Dan do the same with Lillian's. 
Got our swords!
Then we had to try on our new rain boots.  Seriously, I love this kid.
Hi guys!
A quick family picture before lunch!
Happy Easter!!  Thankful for the reality of a risen Savior who is coming again for His Bride!

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