Friday, April 25, 2014

Dan Birthday - Hooks Game

On Friday night, Dan's boss had invited us to the Hooks game.  We had seats in the Cotton Club (club level, seats we could never afford on our own).  Evelyn wasn't as fond of the prime rib, salad, and rosemary green beans as she is of the hot dog she usually gets at the ballpark.  But she thought sitting in the seats where she could roam around a little was pretty cool.
This girl was enjoying herself, as well!
After a few innings, we headed to the kids area and the berm (grass, general admission seating).  We let Evelyn run around for a while (and got Lillian to sleep for a little while) - then found Amber and Stephen on the berm with their youth kids.
Lillian figured out she likes the straw on the camelback.
At this point, Evelyn was in "it's 2 hours past my normal bedtime, and I'm super hyper" mode.  Dan seems to think she gets it from me.  There may or may not be a video of me when I'm a little older than this, looking about the same.  At least now we have video evidence to show Evelyn's future husband (Henry) to warn him of their future children.
Have no fear, the lady she runs into - twice - is Amber.
On Friday nights at the Hooks games, they always have fireworks.  Evelyn always talks about them, and is so excited about them, then when they come - she's not a fan.  The last time we were there, she wasn't too bad - but we were in a different spot.  Tonight, we were right underneath them, so they were pretty loud.
Lillian, however, loved them!
A fun birthday-eve for Dan...even though we had two very tired girls who didn't get to sleep until around midnight.  Good thing we can sleep in tomorrow!

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