Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nine Month Well Check

Lillian had her 9 months appointment today.  I recently found out that our pediatrician is also an IPC for doTERRA (essential oils).  I was so excited to talk to her about the oils that we have been using for the girls - and she was genuinely excited to hear that her patients were using them!  (nerds, I know!)

Lillian is doing great - growing like c.r.a.z.y.  Here are her 9 months stats:
Weight: 21 pounds, 14 ounces (up 3 pounds, 10 ounces from 6 months) - 94th percentile
Height: 29.75 inches (up 2.75 inches from 6 months) - 99th percentile
Head Circumference: 47 cm (up 2 cm from 6 months) - 99th percentile

Yeah...that belly is for real!  It's definitely weird to be on this end of the growth chart!

If you are interested in hearing more about the essential oils that we use, let me know!  I love them, and love that I am able to use something natural to treat my family.  I also feel so's nice to be able to handle many of our health issues myself without having to worry about getting in to see our pediatrician/doctor!  I'm not going off the crunchy cliff...we still vaccinate.  We still use doctors for emergent situations.  But it's just nice to have some confidence in treating something like an ear infection myself!

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  1. Oh my goodness! She and E are almost the same size?!