Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cookies

This weekend was my annual Christmas baking extravaganza.  We are going to be celebrating our family Christmas next weekend because we leave for Colorado on the 14th.  It felt earlier than usual, but I think that's because time seems to fly by now that we have a little one!  Evelyn got to help out with the Christmas cookies...and it seemed easier to just strip her down and do it before bathtime than worry about getting flour and cookie dough everywhere. :-)
Oooooo - what's that?!
Helping Mommy roll out the dough
Getting the hang of it herself
Learning how to press the cookie cutters into the dough
Watching in awe as Mommy separates the shapes from the rest of the dough
Her first response to seeing one of the shapes was, "Wow!" - it was cute
Cutting out cookies herself
Hello, Santa?  I've been good.
Dan took some video of the process
Enjoying the fruits of her labor
Nothing quite says bedtime like filling your kid with sugar cookies
Later in the weekend, we frosted them
She thought the frosting was pretty cool
Don't worry....they were plastic knives...
Dan got it on video...if you never watch any video we post, watch this one - it's hilarious!
Disclaimer:  I may or may not have been complaining in the background of this video...As we started decorating, I found that my nice camera was not working and I was upset.  It sounds like it's the lens that is broken because my other lens works fine in the off to Canon it went - hoping to get it back before we leave next week.

Her finished product!  Yummy!

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  1. Hahahaha! Loved watching her taste all that icing!