Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cardiology Appointment

We had Evelyn's appointment with the cardiologist today.  She started with a few tests (blood pressure, weight, and an EKG).  When we were in the triage room, she suddenly thought running in place on the protective paper was the most hilarious thing in the world.  She was cackling, then she'd do it again, and laugh some more.  The nurse was cracking up.  While the nurse was taking her blood pressure, she kept saying, "off"...but made it through with no tears.
She was not, however, a big fan of the stickers for the EKG...
We then went to wait for the doctor. 
She renewed her interest in running on the paper and laughing.

I tried to get a video...but she was more into dancing and not the running/laughing by then...
She then had an echocardiogram (basically a heart sonogram)
Sorry, this picture isn't that great...it was dark and I didn't want to bother the doctor with a flash.

Watching the echo was pretty cool, I thought.  I really, really, liked this doctor.  He explained things very well and played with Evelyn while he was examining her.  Everything came out just fine - all of the tests looked normal, and he said her murmur is a functional (or innocent) one.  It's something she will outgrow with time as her heart grows.  He said there is no reason to believe that her "abnormal" weight gain is linked to anything heart-related.  So now we wait for the GI appointment in January.  One more hoop jumped through!  Praising God that she is ok and that her murmur is functional!

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