Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Week: Friday

On Friday morning, after packing up everything in the hotel (and forgetting to check out...oops!), we headed to Cracker Barrel to have brunch with the Gaines fam.
Evelyn with Aunt Leann
Evelyn and Grandpa
Evelyn and Grandma
Grandma, Grandpa, Evelyn, and Daddy
Dan, Evelyn, Mike, and Micah
Evelyn and Micah found the toy bins...jackpot.
This picture cracks me up...
Singing into her microphone
The one family picture we got the whole trip...we need to get better at taking family pictures!
After brunch - Dan (reluctantly) let me drive past our old house in New Pal....reluctantly because he knows it makes me sad looking at how the new owners have taken out 90% of the things we put in to make that house the nice house that it was.  We then headed to the Nyes house for our annual friend night.  I look forward to this night pretty much 364 nights a year.

We got there in time for some lunch - so Evelyn and Hank had their first date.  
(Emily and I have arranged for their marriage - it's really for the best).
More fun on their first date - playing with magnets!

 Check us out, guys!
 Love this kid...she's so spunky and fun!
Rigley and Evelyn sharing a snack
The boys were playing fruit ninja on the naturally I got a video of my husband's mad ninja skills.
We spent the night playing games and laughing A LOT.  Before bed, we gathered all the kiddos for a picture on the couch.
Dan thought Evelyn wanted to play fruit ninja - and used her to chop the fruit.
We're gonna need a bigger couch soon!
Do you think we can still get them to take this picture when they are 16+?
Sigh.  I miss these people terribly.  Emily and Katie are two of my closest friends in the world - and watching Evelyn play with their kids makes it even harder to be away from them.  It's always a bittersweet end to Thanksgiving week because I LOVE spending time with them...but then we leave the next day.  Boo.

Evelyn had a pretty rough night that night.  She's got 3 of her 4 molars cutting through right now and I think the excitement of the week finally got to her.  Dan and I traded off for about 2 1/2 hours holding her while she was scream-crying.  Once we got her to sleep (and ourselves in bed), Dan got kicked out for snoring. :-)  My husband is a trooper.  Did I mention I love him?

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  1. Kinda bummed that Henry wore sweats on his first date with Evelyn. :)

    As always, loved having you here. Miss you bunches!