Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Colorado: Everything Else

A hodge podge of other pictures from our trip to Colorado...
Evelyn and her cousin, Kolbe, are 16 months apart - but pretty much weigh the same and are the same height. :-)  So we put her in Kolbe's swing to see if she liked it. (she did)
The Sunday before Christmas, Dan and I got to go to the Broncos game.  
This is pretty much one of my favorite places on this earth.
Orange Crush is back!!
We met up with some friends of ours, the Forbells, who we know from Corpus (Dave is in the Marines).  They have been in Monterrey, CA for the past 18 months, but are from Colorado originally.  They were in town for Christmas - and were on their way to Washington DC to start their next life's chapter.  It was fun to see them!
Evelyn and Kolbe...again, 16 months apart!
Little stinker.
The annual cousin picture for Grammie's video.  Gonna need a bigger couch soon!

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