Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our Family Christmas

This weekend we celebrated our family Christmas because we leave for Colorado next Friday.  We started off Friday evening with dinner and Christmas lights!
Evelyn got a letter from Santa at the North Pole!
Christmas light watching...err...dancing!
  This place was great - it's two street corners all decked out - Evelyn loved it!
Then Saturday morning we got up to celebrate Christmas as a family.  This was seriously one of my most favorite memories with Evelyn so far.  She was about 7 months old last Christmas, so you saw her get excited about some things - but this year it was pure joy.  So much fun to watch!
Her first glimpse at her kitchen set
We pretty much could have stopped at this, she loved it and played with it for about 15 minutes before we encouraged her to move on!

This phone was also a favorite.  She carries it around and talks while she walks around the house now.

A second favorite was her new stroller - she loves pushing it around.
Our little chef!
Pushing her stroller...
Opening a gift from Daddy (her princess castle)
She loves this bead maze, too...I'm hoping it's going to pass some time in the car on the way to Colorado!
Pushing her grocery cart
Daddy was most excited about his footie pajamas...seriously.
Helping Daddy put her castle together!

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  1. Christmas is so much fun when you get to watch it through the eyes of your kids. So many more fun memories to come.