Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Colorado: Christmas Day

Christmas day is one of my favorite days every year.  I love celebrating the birth of my Savior.  I love being in Colorado.  I love being with my family.  And now that I have my own little "my family," I love it even more.  On Christmas Eve, my Mom always makes soup and my Grandma comes for dinner.  My Mom and Dad also buy Christmas matching Christmas jammies for us all to open on Christmas Eve. 
Evelyn loved hers - this could have been the only thing she opened all year and she would have been happy!
We then always go to Midnight Mass with my family.  It makes for a late night (especially with littles!), but it's always special to celebrate Jesus with my family.
Ready for church on Christmas Eve!
Our Christmas angel!
We walked out of mass to fresh, fluffy, beautiful snow falling on Christmas Eve.  I was a giddy 5-year old - it was awesome!

We woke up Christmas morning and did the whole Santa thing.  We had left a set of Toy Story figurines, some books, and this red ball that we spent about $1.20 on.
Could have stopped at $1.20 because she was completely content with this red ball!
She did like the Hershey's kisses in her stocking as well!
Here she was saying, "more" and looking for more.
Opening presents with Daddy
And with Mommy
After all of the kids finished opening presents, she loved playing in all the paper.
Playing in the paper with Heidi
She loves her cousin Gavin!
Her new piano - another big hit!
The glorious snow continued through most of Christmas day - big, white, fluffy flakes.

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  1. More Hershey kisses... That's my girl!! :-)

    (I never did have the Santa talk... Such a wimp! Maybe next year???)