Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on Evelyn

A quick update on Evelyn.  We had her 18 month well-check appointment last week.  Well, her well-check appointment that turned into why is my child screaming and bracing her arm to her body.  Turns out she dislocated her elbow :-( - poor baby!  They call it nurse maid's elbow and apparently it's not uncommon in kids.  My nephew had it - basically their little bones and ligaments aren't fully developed, so they are looser than ours, and the head of their radius (one of the bones in your forearm) pops out of the joint.  Pretty much as soon as her doctor reduced it, she was immediately better (the lollipop the doctor gave her certainly helped, I'm sure!).  So the rest of her appointment went by in a little bit of a blur.  She's still not gaining weight like her pediatrician would like to see (although, I have been much happier with her weight gain...she had gained a pound since 15 months, then got sick and lost a pound, but had gained a little over a pound back.  Unfortunately, they see this as about a pound gained in 3 months.)  So Evelyn has to go see a GI specialist.  Her pediatrician has already run a ton of tests to rule out things like cystic fibrosis and celiac disease - so we'll see what this specialist says.  We go see him in early January.  She also has to go see a cardiologist because she has a heart murmur.  Her pediatrician has said that often heart murmurs are functional and nothing to worry about - but the cardiologist can rule that out.  She also mentioned that some GI disorders present themselves with a heart murmur - so they could be related.  We see the cardiologist next Tuesday.  I'm really tired of dragging her to doctor after doctor..poor baby!  I want her to just be a kid and not be poked and prodded all over the place every other day!  But I also want to be sure that nothing is wrong.  I always feel like things are fine - she's meeting every developmental milestone on time or early, she's just tiny! - until I go into the doctor.  Praying for some peace, as well as answers as we move forward!

In other news...here are some random pictures we have taken over the last few weeks:
Eating muffins for breakfast...I love watching her eat muffins with her little chubby fingers.
First day of full-on pigtails!
Riding Mommy's feet 
(she now backs herself up and sits on my feet anytime I'm on the couch with them down)
We recently found that she LOVES to have her back and tummy rubbed...she will immediately stop whatever she is doing and just freeze.
It also cracks me up because when you are rocking her at night, she'll lift up her shift and drag your hand onto her belly to rub it.  So if my child pulls up her shirt to you in public, just give her belly a little rub! :-)


  1. Could she be any cuter?! Love the little pigtails!

  2. Evelyn is always in my thoughts P. I love you positive attitude. As you well know, the power of positive thinking does wonders. And those pigtails...so adorable!